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The Power of Openness 

Learning from Surgical Mistakes (LFSM) is a healthcare support organization dedicated to promoting a culture of openness and transparency surrounding surgical mistakes. Our goal is to reduce errors and provide support to both surgeons and their patients during difficult times. We believe that by openly addressing and learning from mistakes, we can improve patient outcomes and prevent future errors. Join us in our mission to promote a safer and more transparent healthcare system.

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We are very grateful to the following people, who have all made significant contributions to the LFSM project:

Miss Toni Ardolino

Dr Phil Hammond

Mr John Hardy 

Mr Simon Hodkinson

Miss Fran Guerreiro

Mr Niel Kang

Dr Adam Kay

Mr Greg Neal-Smith

Mr Mike Pullinger

Miss Charlene Roslee

Miss Portia Ross

Mr Nigel Rossiter

Mr Sam Shamoon

Mr Adam Stoneham

Mr Alex Thomas

Mr Rob Wheeler

Mr Simon Williams 

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